Best season for Travel in Sri Lanka

Travel and tourism much depend on the seasons and the weather patterns of the destined country. Destinations are decided upon the fluctuations and uncertainties as well of these. Hence, it is important to know well ahead the most appropriate time to visit a place for holidaying or visits lest the effort go waste. On the contrary, when well informed of the best times to visit will be a bonus in addition to the planned or expected leisure!

Sri Lanka is no exception to the fluctuations of seasons’ ideal conditions given that the world today goes through transitions in a faster mode in many aspects: trade, politics, socio-economy, climate etc. And these factors impact the decisions in selecting the time, purpose and mode of travel when it comes to touring. The organizers of tours to Sri Lanka are kept abreast with the current trends both positive and negative to afford wise counsel to the travelling clients. Positives are such as, growing trends and opportunities during a visit for a visitor even if Sri Lanka is just a transit or a stopover. For instance, Sri Lanka is a transit for detours to Maldives, India and Singapore for many. The negatives of course is a turbulence in the skies or seas, a political upheaval, a break of an epidemic etc. Also rates hikes related to travel and hospitality. These are no exceptions but which do occur in all countries at different times.

In choosing Sri Lanka to get the most optimum out of a visit, there are many options depending on the nature of tourism. Say, the packages could be tailor-made for those who simply plan a getaway from stress and pressure of a complete artificial environment or technology; they need a break into the wild and unblemished d nature divine. Or, for those who do not get much sun soaked beaches in their place of domicile. Then there are the people oriented adventurists who embark on getting to know communities and cultures form whom they are alienated. Sri Lanka has a gamut of travelling purposes that are aptly facilitated with comfort and leisure.

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At a glance, any time of the year is fit for this purpose as the Island hosts varied climates and weather throughout the year. If it is rainy for instance on the one side, at the extreme other it could be sunny and thus beaches are still available for enjoyment. So, if the monsoon hampers a desired route, the sunny sides are there to compensate. If you have an aversion to heavy rains, avoid May-June and October – January. However there are those who love that much of rain since it is a scarcity in their countries! Nevertheless, the rains are not always strong so as to hamper movements and as said earlier, you could still enjoy a considerable time of the visit in other parts of the country.

Generally, from Mid-March to end of April are the warmest Sunny season in Sri Lanka, and hence this is a period for outdoor activities at your leisure. And flower of bloom are at their peak during this season. Apart, there are many other recreational activities like beach sports, whit-water rafting, festive amusements, sports and entertainment and also trade exhibitions and fashion shows of global standards. Religious festivals are unique in this Island and have their selected days and months. But some these are not strictly confined to the warmer season only. Take the Christmas month for example, where shopping is robust and much fanfare everywhere.

Visits to the wildlife sanctuaries is spread out through the season and also visiting the Tea Kingdom, though preferred during less wet conditions. For sightseeing of the wild species both animals and birds and also the aqua kinds such as the marine and river species, the whales and dolphins, it is better to inquire from the travel experts for the ideal time of visit. Such information is amply provided by the online publications. It is always a season for a eason when it comes to Sri Lanka as the destination.

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