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Sun-kissed skin, turquoise water, paradise found.

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טלי עידן
טלי עידן
הטיול שלנו בסרי לנקה עם נישנטה המדריך מספר 1 לקומה ונישנטה המדריך מספר1 תודה על טיול מושלם!! תודה שדאגתם להגשים את כל בקשה שלנו.... תודה שהקשבתם לצרכים שלנו הפכתם את הביקור שלנו בסרי לנקה למושלם!!!! נישנטה יקר אנחנו מטיילים המון, מעולם לא נתקלנו במדריך כמוך.... אתה באמת אחד ויחיד...נכנסת לנו ללב, ואין ספק שהפכת לחבר לחיים.... מדריך מצוין!!! יודע כל פרט ופרט, דואג, איכפתי ובעיקר...בן אדם מדהים...יחיד ומיוחד. תודה לך נישנטה על הכל. משפחת עידן מישראל🇮🇱
אדמון עזריה
אדמון עזריה
Excellent and rewarding I'll go ahead and say that the company that took care of us is an excellent, high-quality company with personal and advanced service...we were accompanied by a close driver on behalf of the company and I must say that we really enjoyed ourselves...the trip to the orphanage and the Sigiriya cliff was amazing...our escort went up with me to the end of the cliff... Both challenging and fun
Wonderful 16 days tour I highly recommend the travel agency that organized our trip to Sri Lanka. From start to finish, the entire experience was incredibly well-organized and seamless. The driver they provided was not only excellent at his job but also a pleasure to be around, making our journey even more enjoyable. What impressed us the most was the meticulous planning that went into every aspect of the trip. Every little detail was thoughtfully taken care of, ensuring a smooth and stress-free vacation. Moreover, the travel agent who assisted us was attentive and responsive throughout the journey. They handled any issues that arose with professionalism and efficiency, leaving us with great memories of our time in Sri Lanka. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a fantastic travel experience.
אפרת כ
אפרת כ
A combination of charming human and cultural encounters. We had an excellent trip with Asenka who is the best person and driver. who was a guide for us and gave us confidence and a professional response to every step of the trip. So the fascinating journey through the magical landscapes in Sri Lanka was fun and varied.
Elisheva S
Elisheva S
Must go to Sri Lanka with Elephant Tours! ממליצה בחום לכל מי שמחפש חוויה שונה ומיוחדת שכוללת המון טבע, חופים, אקלים טרופי, היסטוריה, בעלי חיים ובאופן כללי אווירה של חופש, לבקר באי המיוחד הזה. הטיול תוכנן עד הפרט האחרון על ידי גילה מחברת elephant tours שהכינה מסלול אתגרי במיוחד בשבילנו. קומה מהמשרד בסרי לנקה דאג שהכל מתבצע לשביעות רצוננו. ולבסוף הביצוע המושלם היה על ידי המדריך הצמוד שלנו, רואן, שלקח את התכנית הכתובה והפיח בה חיים כשיצר לנו חוויה מעל ומעבר לכל הציפיות. רואן הדריך אותנו במהלך הטיול וליווה אותנו ברגישות תוך דאגה שהכל ילך לפי התכנית. אין מספיק מילים טובות שישקפו את החוויה המיוחדת שעברנו, ואנחנו רוצים להודות לרואן ולכל הצוות על כך שיצרו לנו זכרונות מיוחדים לכל החיים! תודה! אלפנט טורס - Elephant tours Gila Kenigsberg Kuma CK Ruwan Warnasooriya
Ido B
Ido B
A perfect trip Kumar and Ruwan were wonderful guides. They took good care of us and made our trip to Sri Lanka not less than perfect! We met Kuma and he gave our boys a special gift his wife made especially for them. Really heartwarming. We highly recommend to book your next trip with them.
Dan kugel
Dan kugel
Our Sarilanka experience Feb 2023 We were two adults male friends over 70(!) for 13 days in Srilanka.The tour was very interesting and enjoyable. Our guide was SHRIMAL GAMAGE.He was excellent,patient,attentive, good mood,with a lot of knowledge and flexible to our crazy demans.THANK U SHRI.We shall never forget this tour and adventures we had with you and beautiful,historical,cultural,natural Srilanka (Horton pleins after 70!!). We recommend strongly on him.
עידית ז
עידית ז
Excellent Ruwan, our gide, was the best thing in our trip. We were lucky to have him with us . Beyond his great professionalism that is reflected even in the smallest details, we enjoyed getting to know him as a person and as a friend during this trip.
דפנה א
דפנה א
Amazing trip with Ruwan A family in Sri Lanka for 11 days. Our tour guide and driver was Ruwan. A kind gentleman special man! Thanks to him we had the best time! Ruwan took us to beautiful places, always with a smile and goodwill! Helped us with everything we needed! And was there for us all the time. Never met such an amazing tour guide. Highly appreciated and recommended.
Yoav G
Yoav G
Sri Lanka father & daughter Elephant tours arranged us 9 days trip around Sri Lanka doing all sort of activities, from seeing elephants, through hiking is beautiful nature, to extreme activities like rafting and omega ride - everything was fantastic! The plan was accurate and Our driver and guide (Kumara) was amazing. He was there to explain and gave us a home feeling away from home. My daughter and I enjoyed so much of this visit and this is mainly thanks to Elephant Tours.

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